Answer to Question 24.

11. What is EMC & the Low Voltage Directive?

EMC stands for Electro Magnetic Compatability. All stand alone equipment must meet the EMC directive if the product is to be sold anywhere in Europe. It is a mandatory directive and enforced by trading standards officers in the UK or their counterpart in other EU countries.
The directive is in two parts. Part one covers with emission whilst part two covers with immunity.

The Low Voltage Directive applies to all electrical or electronic equipment operating between 50 and 1000 volts for alternating current (AC) and between 75 & 1500V for direct current (DC). It is primarily a safety directive which applies to all equipment sold anywhere in the European Union. Any reputable manufacturers employing good engineering principles will meet the directive in many cases anyway. In very basic terms the directive maintains that equipment must be safe and not cause injury or death to domestic animals, persons or propery when installed, maintained and used within the application for which it was manufactured.