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667 Charge Fail Monitor
667 Charge Fail Monitor. Click image to download a datasheet.

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Charge Failure Relay.

The Charge Failure Relay monitors charging current flowing into the battery and trips a relay (used to switch your warning leds or buzzers) if the current falls below a specified (adjustable) minimum. Primarily designed for monitoring the output from charging equipment, the charge failure monitor has been enhanced so it can measure current in a wide range of applications.

The unit is fitted with on-board through label healthy & failure leds and includes a double pole volt free relay rated at 3A @ 230VAC or 30VDC. Connections and installation requires an 11 pin octal base (Included!).

Typical applications include charger/alternator failure, open circuit protection to critical equipment such as satellite navigation, depth gauges etc any many other roles where the ability to sense DC current is a must!.

The Charge Fail Relay senses current from the charger transformer using a current transformer and is idealy suited for use on thyristor charging systems. The relay can also be configured for use on switch mode or linear charging systems which include an isolating output diode. The charge fail relays sense input is connected to the diode anode and detects the presence or absence of charging voltage. The CFM can also be configured to sense the secondary output from the charger transformer on systems where using the other input configurations are not practical.

Like our high voltage alarm relay and low voltage alarm relay, the charge failure relay is available in 6, 12, 24, 30, 48, 60 and 110VDC systems. Special high voltage models can be manufactured if required. If you want to know your installation is working reliably, a CFM may suit your requirements.

Please record the operating voltage you require in the additional information section provided on the checkout page when ordering this product.

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