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VU meter 994VU-LD Digital RGB LED Display

The 994VU-LD is a stereo VU meter assembly housed in an ABS enclosure designed to display a representation of the average value of a stereo audio input signal sourced from connected equipment including media streamers, CD players, tape decks, set top boxes and other media devices.

Two pairs of gold-plated RCA connectors on the rear panel are used to connect the unit in series with the RCA connection between the source device and a suitable amplifier. An IEC connector is used to connect mains power to the device at any input voltage between 85VAC and 250VAC at 50 or 60HZ.

A premium quality switch fitted with a black aluminium fluted knob on the left-hand side of the front panel turns the appliance off and on although the unit has an automatic standby function which allows the unit to be left on at all times, switching the front panel RGB display off in the absence of an audio input signal lasting approximately 7 minutes or longer.

The VU RGB LED display is positioned on the right of the rotary mains switch. It is scaled pre-set from -20 to +5 dB with the first 36 leds (18 per channel) representing -20 to 0dB. The assembly is 16cmD, 16cmW and 6.5cmH and weighs approximately 470 grams excluding the mains lead and connector.

We calibrate the meters to 0.7745V RMS at 0dB at 1KHZ but they can be set to consumer level (300mV RMS) or professional level (1.228V RMS) if required. Speaker input levels can also be set for applications where low level signal input is not available.

Small push-switches that are accessed through the front panel label and can be pressed using a small 2mm wide implement of some kind allow the unit to be set to a number of different display modes, provide adjustment for led brightness as well as colour and display-signal sensitivity which we pre-set to level 3.

An optional remote control is available which is pre-set to duplicate the buttons including long and short presses. Alternatively, you can pair 4 buttons from any N/E/C protocol remote control you already own by following the instructions provided with the VU assembly.

One of the best features of the 994VU-LD is the array of colour combinations that can be programmed into the display. It is supplied with a number of pre-set colour schemes out of the box but each display mode can be customised to suit your taste and allows the unit to match the other display colours in your other peripherals if required. The programming procedure is detailed in the instructions.

You can open a close-up view of the assembly in a new tab by clicking the image on the right of the page.

3 units in stock! (Please note for USA postal regions a 23% tax applies to cover shipping costs)

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