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VU meter 994 Driver PCB

A pre-built populated pcb containing all the necessary parts to drive a matching pair of standard 500uA (full scale) 630-650 Ohm analogue VU meters from a common negative stereo source at consumer line level (300mV RMS @ 0dB) professional line level (1.228V RMS @ 0dB) or directly from the speaker output terminals using on-board adjustable attenuators for calibration to suit your speakers. On-board gain controls are also included for customising the input scaling making the 994 pcb flexible.

Full wave rectification and a dual rail power supply ensures the whole audio signal is detected and represented by the meter movement.

On-board filters eliminate ground noise, improves higher frequency linearity and allows for longer lead lengths to the meters without compromising overall stability. This is useful in larger enclosures where there may be some distance between the pcb and the meters or where larger more complex systems, perhaps monitoring multi-channel audio is the goal

Highly stable with 0dB reading at full scale input (300mV or 1.228V as set) from 15HZ to 22KHZ and a gradual roll off at higher frequencies. Accurate representation of input signal strength with -6dB displayed at 50% of the full scale 0dB setting. See image graph for performance characteristics.

A 12V electronically regulated electrically isolated supply is included for the meter back lights at up to 200mA, 0.1A per meter which the TN-73 type requires. We can pre-set the output to approx 5VDC to control led back lit meters if required and fit a current limiting resistor to suit the leds in your meters.

A separate on-board +15V 0V -15V power supply powers the electronics that drive the VU meter movements.

We test and pre-set the board to suit your requirements before dispatch, 300mV RMS or 1.228V RMS or anything in between using a 1KHZ pure sine wave input signal. We can also set the unit for your speakers instead. Just provide us with the wattage and nominal impedance rating of your drivers.

Logically laid out for easy connection to your own connectors, switches, lighting control potentiometer and meters. (We are supplying the populated pcb with mounting pillars only). Screw terminal blocks are used to terminate wiring to the pcb.

An always on design switching to low power (meter back lights also switch off automatically) if a stereo or mono input signal on the RH channel isn't detected for approx 15 minutes or more. No need to switch the unit on every time you play your music, watch a movie or TV show. The 994 VU pcb switches from standby to on and visa versa automatically. Optionally you can of course switch the unit on and off using your own switch via a pair of on-board terminals if that is what you prefer.

SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES:- 125mm x 71mm (M4 mounting holes for standard pcb pillars (Supplied).
FR4 industrial quality pcb as used in high end audio equipment.
Designed and manufactured in the UK. 100% Tested and pre-set before dispatch for reliable out of the box operation.
Logical layout for easy installation into you own enclosure and connection to you own switches, controls, connectors and meters.(These items are NOT included with the pcb)
On-board protective fuses for power stages.
Drives two 500uA (full scale) 630 Ohm or 650 Ohm DC VU Meters
12V Output driver for back lighting up to 200mA (100mA per meter)
Lighting and Audio circuits electrically isolated.
Electronic regulation of lighting brightness via external 5K potentiometer (not included) Can be configured to drive led back lighting if required.
On-board power supplies for lighting and VU audio circuits.
Pre-set to 300mV RMS at 0dB (Consumer level input) 0.7745mV RMS (Line level input) or 1.228V RMS at 0dB (Professional level input) at 1Khz.
On-board speaker input attenuators for direct connection to speaker outputs from amplifiers/receivers where low level signalling is not available. Can be pre-set if you provide the wattage and nominal impedance of your speakers)
High accuracy performance ensures meters display 0dB at full scale (300mV or 1.228V) from 15Hz to 22Khz
Properly scaled to display correct percentage levels according to input signal strength.
Always on design with automatic switching to low power standby (meter back lights turn off) after approx. 15 mins if no audio input is detected like many better-quality sub woofers do.
All metal film resistors on audio inputs for low noise operation.

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