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Low Voltage Alarm Relay
667 Low Voltage Alarm Relay. Click image to download a datasheet.

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Low Voltage Alarm relay.

Our Low Voltage Alarm Relay measures your DC battery or power supply voltage and de-energises the internal relay (used to switch your warning leds or buzzers and provide remote signalling) if it falls below a pre-set (adjustable) level.

The Low Voltage Alarm Relay draws less than 2 watts and it's primary duty is to provide a warning in the event of partial or complete battery discharge or a low voltage output on a power supply.

The Low Voltage Alarm Relay is fitted with on-board healthy and failure leds and includes a double pole double throw volt free relay rated at 3A @ 230VAC or 30VDC. Connections and installation requires an 11 pin octal base which is supplied with the relay. The base can be panel or din rail mounted.

A small removable plug in the side of the enclosure (not shown in picture) provides easy access for adjustment of the low voltage alarm setting using a small flat bladed screwdriver.

Low Voltage Alarm Relays are available in 6, 12, 24, 30, 48, 60 or 110VDC versions and covered by a 2-year warranty against any defect in materials or workmanship. Higher voltages models can be built to order.

A digital 60 second relay de-energisation delay time (adjustable up to 3 minutes as standard) is included so you can monitor batteries without getting a false alarm during engine cranking or switch tripping conditions which cause short term voltage drops. Longer delays from minutes to hours can be accommodated if requested.

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Please record the operating voltage you require in the additional information section provided on the checkout page when ordering this product.

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