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Avvonflo Pump Controller
Avvonflo Pump Controller.

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Our new 825 Avvonflo™ Pump Controller is designed to control the speed of diaphragm Water Pumps used in pole fed window cleaning equipment.

Based upon the 725 version we developed in 2003 for a leading UK pole reach window cleaning manufacturer and which is used thousands of times a day within the industry, our 825 is a more advanced version.

It includes the same control circuitry that made the 725 so efficient and reliable but includes many additional features too. These include:-

  • Reverse polarity protection via an on-board or in-line fuse.
  • Automotive blade type fusing, available from any car accessory store.
  • Digital Bar graph set speed display.
  • Rotary control for precise setting adjustment.
  • Robust industrial design.
  • Repairable down to component level, result: reduced ownership costs.
  • Automatic flat battery pump shut-down to preserve battery life.
  • On, low battery and flat battery led indicators.
  • Function switch disables unit allowing end user to preserve set speed.
  • The Avvonflo™ is housed in an ABS enclosure 120mmW, 40mmH and 65mmD and includes mounting flanges for panel mounting the controller. The unit has a rating of IP65 which means it is immune to dust and will withstand splashing from any direction.

    For pricing please contact our distributor Daqua Limited on 01786 469606