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927 Railway Signal PCB
CBC Design 927 Signal PCB.

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Model Railway Electronic Assemblies and Kits.

We are pleased to introduce a new range of electronic assemblies developed and designed in-house for model railways and now available for purchase.

Products include kits for 2, 3 and 4 aspect led signal drivers, traffic light, pedestrian crossing and level crossing led drivers or the unpopulated printed circuit board so you can build your own modules using your own components.

If you choose to source your own components and just buy the board you can build signal controllers for around half the cost of manufactured assemblies that are available online. Kits are more expensive but still up to one third cheaper than pre-built assemblies.

PCB Assembly Instructions are supplied with the kits or pcbs and a link to the software for pic programming and wiring is included with the invoice.

Software can be downloaded for either common anode or common cathode led configurations giving you flexibility to use whichever option suits you.

All the assemblies are fully protected against power supply reverse polarity so no costly mistakes if you accidently connect the DC supply the wrong way around..

Because the assemblies are aimed at hobbyists the heart of the modules are a Picaxe(tm) micro controller. This allows end users to modify the software or take advantage of the flexible nature of the 927 pcb in order to design their own projects.

NOTE: Signal led lights and gantries are not included with the modules or kits and must be purchased separately from leading hobby retail outlets.

If you are unable to program the micro controllers we can do so for you for a small fee as shown near the bottom of this page.

Unpopulated 927 PCB only....2.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Pack of two unpopulated 927 PCB only....4.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Pack of four unpopulated 927 PCB only....8.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Pack of five unpopulated 927 PCB only....10.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Pack of ten unpopulated 927 PCB only....20.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket

SIGNAL MODULES - Self Assembly Kits

Signal module drivers are available in 2, 3 or 4 aspect versions. All models excluding the timed Everard Junction versions which were specifically designed for standalone operation, are interconnected to neighbouring signal for automated functionality. The units work by detecting trains passing over an infrared led and sensor that needs to be mounted in the track bed at the beginning of a block.

Automated interconnected versions sense the movement of trains into and out of one block and into the next and the signals change state in sequence like the their real world counterparts. Reverse is also factored into the design by adding an additional signal cable between signal modules in the chain. Logic states are passed forwards and backwards to neighbouring signals from any signal that trips red by a passing train and each signal changes state to the appropriate colour.

Please note that the minimum number of series connected signal modules required for sequential operation is 2, 3 or 4 in accordance with 2, 3 or 4 aspect signal configurations.

As indicated above timed versions are also available for hobbyists who wish to follow the example demonstrated by Everard Junction on You Tube or wish to simply avoid wiring complications that inter-connected signals require. However it should be noted that you must use our version of the software to program the microcontroller. Whilst it is similar to the Everard version there are subtle differences due to the way in which the inputs to the micro controller are configured on the CBC 927 pcb.

Everard timed versions are available in 2, 3 or 4 aspect versions using common anode or common cathode led signal arrays.

927 PCB and parts signals kit....8.50 +VAT.... Add to Basket
2 off 927 PCB and parts signals kit....17.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
4 off 927 PCB and parts signals Kit....34.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
5 off 927 PCB and parts signals kit....42.50 +VAT.... Add to Basket
10 off 927 PCB and parts signals kit....85.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket


Our traffic light and pedestrian crossing modules replicate the sequence that real world uk lights follow and are fully automated on a rotating sequence. The module can be held in green and the sequence initiated either manually by opening a switch or automatically using a relay contact operated from an external control source such as a DCC module. Once initiated the lights operate on a 10 (green), 4(Amber), 10 (Red), 6(Red and Amber) second sequence. Other timing options can be provided for a small charge when purchasing the kit or assembled module or you can download the software and modify it yourself using a Picaxe programming kit and Picaxe editor 6.


The level crossing module functions in the same way that real world UK level crossings do. A single flashing yellow warning led on a 1 second on, 1 second off interval for several seconds is followed by all red lights on for 1 second followed by alternating dual flashing leds. The sequence can be initiated manually by a switch or relay contact operated by an external source such as a DCC module or can be connected to our 2, 3 or 4 signal modules for automatic activation as a train approaches.

927 PCB and parts crossing kit....7.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket
2 off 927 PCB and parts crossing kit....15.90 +VAT.... Add to Basket
4 off 927 PCB and parts crossing kit....31.80 +VAT.... Add to Basket
5 off 927 PCB and parts crossing kit....39.75 +VAT.... Add to Basket
10 off 927 PCB and parts crossing kit....79.50 +VAT.... Add to Basket


Please specify which of the above products you want your controllers to be programmed for including the common anode or common cathode led configuration. Note that programming is for extra pics. There is no charge for pics supplied with kits which are shipped fully programmed.

Picaxe Programming Charge per IC....1.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket

For different quantities or a mix of any of the above kits please email us with your requirement.

We hope you will enjoy using the products on your layouts as much as we have enjoyed developing them.