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Our Impact on the Environment

We take full consideration for the effects we have on the environment. We manufacture goods that are specifically designed to function as efficiently as possible (within the limitations imposed by the technology on which the equipment is manufactured) to minimise the power consumed to do so. Our switch mode charging systems are highly efficient using state of the art electronics. Our switch mode dimmer assemblies save power in all but the brightest settings, which helps extend bulb life and reduce consumption. Our alarms are almost entirely self powered drawing power from the monitored source.

As well as manufacturing environmentally friendly goods we recycle as much packing material as we possible can, re-using cardboard boxes, packing foams, bubble wrap and pallets on a daily basis. We rarely need to purchase packing material by re-using packaging in this manner.


Like many others we have become increasingly concerned about the impact of single use plastics in the electronics industry and their impact upon the environment. At CBC Design we are evaluating our use of this material and doing our best to minimise its role within our business

We have written to all of our major suppliers, stressing the importance of the industry "doing its bit" as well as asking for details on action they are taking to minimise single use plastics in their supply chain. Suppliers with a pro-active policy to reduce or eradicate single use plastics are favoured by the company over and above those that do not.