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Original Equipment Manufacturer Dimmer switch assembly
OEM Dimmer Switch.

Panel Mount Dimmer switch Assembly
Panel Dimmer Switch.

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DC Dimmer Switch.

DC Dimmer Switches 12VDC 120W & 24VDC 300W.

Our 120/300 watt dimmers are presented in the same format as our 60W types, OEM and panel mounting versions as shown on the right. OEM versions are supplied un-enclosed with the potentiometer mounted on the pcb. A knob is not included.

The 300W is manufactured on our 714B format pcb only. The 120W is manufactured on our 814C format pcb as pictured on the right.

Panel Mounting Version: 84mm Square, 8mm plate depth, 34mm mounting depth. OEM Version: 35mm height, 46mm width, 75mm deep (300W) 24mm height, 53mm width, 65mm Ddeep (120W).

60W versions are also available.

Standard 12VDC 120W Dimmer Switch priced at 22.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Standard 24VDC 300W Dimmer Switch priced at 23.25 +VAT.... Add to Basket
OEM 12VDC 120W Dimmer Switch priced at 20.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket
OEM 24VDC 300W Dimmer Switch priced at 21.25 +VAT.... Add to Basket

Units are built to order. Standard delivery 7-10 working days.