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Original Equipment Manufacturer Dimmer Switch assembly
OEM Dimmer Switch.

Panel Mounting Dimmer Switch Assembly
Panel Dimmer Switch.

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DC Dimmer Switches 12VDC 60W & 24VDC 100W.

Our Dimmer Switches and are available in OEM or Panel mounting applications with a 60 watt rating at 12VDC or an 100 watt rating at 24VDC.

Panel Mounting Version: 84mm Square, 8mm plate depth, 30mm mounting depth. OEM Version: 24mm height, 53mm width, 65mm deep.

120W versions are also available.

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OEM 12VDC 60W Dimmer Switch priced at 21.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket
OEM 24VDC 100W Dimmer Switch priced at 19.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Standard 12VDC 60W Dimmer Switch priced at 22.15 +VAT.... Add to Basket
Standard 24VDC 100W Dimmer Switch priced at 22.95 +VAT.... Add to Basket

Units are built to order and normaly dispatched in 7-10 working days.